Oi - Investor Relations Mobile | Minutes of the 179th Meeting of the Board of Directors, Held on November 27, 2017

Oi S.A. - In Judicial Reorganization
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I. DATE, TIME AND LOCATION OF THE MEETING: On November 27, 2017, at 4:00 p.m., via audio and videoconference.

II. CALL: Made by individual messages sent to the Board Members.

III. QUORUM AND ATTENDANCE: All members of the Board were present, signing below. In their capacities as representatives of the Company, the following participated, Eurico de Jesus Teles Neto, Luciene Sherique Antaki, Arthur Jose Lavatori Correa and Daniella Geszikter Ventura and, in his capacity as an adviser, José Augusto da Gama Figueira. In accordance with the provisions of item d.1 of the Agency‘s Judgment No. 3/2017 / CD, Mr. Abraão Balbino e Silva, Advisor of the Superintendence of Competition of the National Telecommunications Agency- Anatel, also participated.

IV. BOARD: Chairman of the Meeting: Mr. José Mauro M. Carneiro da Cunha; and Secretary: Ms. Luciene Sherique Antaki.

V. AGENDA: Change in the Company’s Statutory Executive Board.

VI. DECISIONS: With regard to the sole item on the Agenda, the Chairman of the Board received, on November 24, 2017, the resignation letter from Mr. Marco Norci Schroeder for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company, as well as the designation of Mr. Eurico de Jesus Teles Neto, to take position in the interim, at a Board Meeting held on the same date, under Article 37 of the Bylaws. The members of the Board expressed their appreciation to Mr. Marco Norci Schroeder for his full dedication during his tenure, acknowledging the contributions and significant results achieved throughout his tenure, particularly in conducting the Company‘s judicial reorganization process. Subsequently, the members of the Board of Directors unanimously elected, Mr. Eurico de Jesus Teles Neto, Brazilian, married, lawyer, holder of the Identity Card No. 0002709809 issued by SSP-BA, registered with the CPF under No. 131.562.505-97, with his business address at Rua Humberto de Campos No. 425, 8th floor, Leblon, in the City and State of Rio de Janeiro, pursuant to Article 35, paragraph 2 of the Company‘s Bylaws, to occupy the position of Chief Executive Officer, in addition to the mandated terms, in accordance with the terms of the Board meeting held on May 10, 2016, in addition to the position of Chief Legal Officer that he already occupies. The Directors Marcos Duarte Santos and Ricardo Reisen de Pinho presented a separate statement, which is attached to these minutes. The elected CEO, Mr. Eurico Teles, hereby signs the respective Term of Investiture and declares that he is not involved in any crimes foreseen by law that prevent him from exercising the role for which he was appointed, Paragraph 4 of Article 147 of Law No. 6,404 / 76.

VII. CLOSING:There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman adjourned the meeting. The minutes were drawn up, read, and approved, and signed by all the members present on the Board of Directors and by the members of the meeting. (a.a) José Mauro M. Carneiro da Cunha (Chairman of the Meeting), Luís Palha da Silva, André Cardoso de M. Navarro, Hélio Calixto da Costa, João do Passo Vicente Ribeiro, Demian Fiocca, Thomas C. Reichenheim, João Manuel Pisco de Castro, Ricardo Reisen de Pinho, Marcos Duarte Santos and Pedro Zañartu Gubert Morais Leitão.

These minutes are an original copy of those drawn up in our books.

Rio de Janeiro, November 27, 2017.

Luciene Sherique Antaki


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